Tramontina 2-Piece 80131/335DS

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Tramontina 2-Piece 80131/335DS is ranked number 7 of 11 Dutch Ovens


Size7 Quarts
Width-- in
Height-- in
Weight17 lbs
Cookware SurfaceEnamel
Induction Stovetop CompatibleYes
Made InChina


During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of Tramontina 2-Piece 80131/335DS:

5 reasons to buy Tramontina 2-Piece 80131/335DS

  • According to many buyers the porcelain enamel finish is beautiful and the enamel makes it unnecesary to season it.
  • The dutch ovens are compatible with all cooking surfaces.
  • Many buyers agree that you receive quality dutch ovens for much less than other brand name dutch ovens.
  • Several costumers mentions how easy these dutch ovens are to clean and maintain.
  • It comes with two different sizes, so depending on the food you’re cooking or the amount of people you are cooking for, you have two options.

4 reasons not to buy Tramontina 2-Piece 80131/335DS

  • A few buyers mentioned how heavy these two dutch ovens are.
  • A few buyers received a dutch oven with bubbles or cracks in the enamel.
  • A few buyers weren’t happy with the seasoning instructions and recommends doing your own research.
  • Some buyers had some issues with rust, even when following the recommend cleaning intructions.


Tramontina 2-Piece 80131/335DS is a great set of dutch oven pots. The beautiful porcelain enamel is one of the things buyers love the most about them. The enamel coating requires no seasoning, but some people recommend adding some anyways. Easy to clean and maintain and because of their beautiful look several buyers decided to leave them on the stove as decorations, even when not cooking. Other brand names charge hundreds for the same quality and this set really gives you value for your money. Keep an eye out for factory faults or chips in the enamel and make sure you return if recieving a defect item. All in all a great set for the price and if you are looking to add some pretty colors to your kitchen, these two dutch ovens could be something for you.

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