Tramontina 5.5 Quart 80131/075DS

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Tramontina 5.5 Quart 80131/075DS is ranked number 5 of 11 Dutch Ovens


Size5.5 Quarts
Width10.1 in
Height7.5 in
Weight8.86 lbs
Cookware SurfaceEnamel
Induction Stovetop CompatibleYes
Made InChina


During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of Tramontina 5.5 Quart 80131/075DS:

5 reasons to buy Tramontina 5.5 Quart 80131/075DS

  • The stainless steal lid knob makes the lid oven safe as well.
  • Many buyers are happy with how evenly it heats and cooks.
  • The enamel coating makes it very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Most buyers love the color choices for this cast iron.
  • This cast iron skillet is compatible with all cooktops as well as being completely oven safe.

5 reasons not to buy Tramontina 5.5 Quart 80131/075DS

  • A few buyers had issues with cracks in the porcelain enamel.
  • Some buyers complain about the surface being too bumpy which makes it harder for them to clean it.
  • The porcelain enamel coating makes the skillet extremly heavy according to some buyers.
  • A few buyers noticed some rust after a few uses.
  • If not cleaned properly the bottom can stain and it can be very difficult to remove the stain once its there.


Tramontina 4 Quart 80131/066DS is a very pretty cast iron skillet with porcelain enamel coating. This beautiful skillet comes in many different color options that buyers love and some even use as decorative pieces in their kitchens. The enamel coating also makes it easy to clean and maintain, but make sure to follow proper cooking and cleaning directions, to avoid stains and chips in the enamel. The skillet is also 100% oven safe as well as being compatible with all cooktops. Despite a few buyers having issues with the product chipping, this skillet has generally only positive reviews. All in all a great piece for the price. Not only a quality kitchenware, but also very pretty to look at.

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