Utopia Kitchen 12.5″ with Silicone Handle

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Utopia Kitchen 12.5″ with Silicone Handle is ranked number 11 of 14 Cast Iron Skillets


Size12.5 in
Electric Stovetop CompatibleYes
Gas Stovetop CompatibleYes
Induction Stovetop CompatibleYes
Cookware SurfaceCast Iron
Weight8.15 lbs
Made InChina


During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of Utopia Kitchen 12.5″ with Silicone Handle:

5 reasons to buy Utopia Kitchen 12.5″ with Silicone Handle

  • This skillet is a 12.5 inch model, and buyers agree that it’s big enough for cooking large quantities of food or big cuts of meat.
  • Buyers are generally very happy with the features of this cast iron skillet, and it seems to work great for most purposes.
  • The combo includes a silicone handle, which most buyers find really useful for moving the hot skillet.
  • Some buyers mention that this skillet seems more robust than other moduls, which might be caused by its increased size and weight.
  • A few buyers think the assist handle is great, since it’s a bit bigger than on other models.

4 reasons not to buy Utopia Kitchen 12.5″ with Silicone Handle

  • A few buyers saw rust on the inside and outside of their newly purchased skillet, which may have been caused under transportation or at the storage facility.
  • Some buyers think the quality control is inadequate, as they received skillets with dents and cracks in them.
  • While the Utopia skillet is advertized as pre seasoned, most users agree that it needs further seasoning before initial use.
  • The pouring spouts a on the small side, which means you have to be careful not to spill, while pouring something out of the skillet.


The 12.5″ cast iron skillet from Utopia Kitchen comes with a red silicone handle, which is able to withstand very high temperatures and gives you an easy isolated grip around the handle. Most users agree that the skillet is really big and therefore extra heavy, which means it can be a bit of a workout to handle it on a daily basis. However, it works great for cooking large quantities of food, and buyers agree that it cooks everything really well. There have been incidents of new skillets with rust on their surfaces, which may have been caused by inproper storage or transportation in humid climates. This may also be caused by an inadequate pre seasoning, which some buyers mention as well. These issues can be easily fixed by a scrubdown and extra seasoning, and over time it will get better. All in all, the Utopia skillet is a great buy as long as you do a careful inspection to make sure the quality lives up to your expectations. It seems to be serving the customers really well for many years, as it generally receives great reviews.

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