Utopia Kitchen 12 Inch UK0044

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Utopia Kitchen 12 Inch UK0044 is ranked number 5 of 8 Cast Iron Woks


Size12 in
Induction Stovetop CompatibleYes
Cookware SurfaceCast iron
Weight6.53 lbs
Made InChina


During our thorough research, we have read hundreds of reviews from real buyers. This is what most people think of Utopia Kitchen 12 Inch UK0044:

5 reasons to buy Utopia Kitchen 12 Inch UK0044

  • Many buyers believe this is a great quality wok.
  • A lot of buyers report no wobble thanks to the flat bottom. This makes it safe and easy to cook with.
  • According to some buyers, cleaning and maintaining it takes little effort!
  • Many buyers call this wok a beautiful piece of kitchenware.
  • Able to reach higher cooking temperatures.

5 reasons not to buy Utopia Kitchen 12 Inch UK0044

  • Pre seasoning can be quite a job according to a few buyers.
  • The surface can be a bit rough but it will smoothen over time.
  • Handles get very hot, so make sure to wear oven mitts or other protective covers when handling.
  • A few buyers noticed factory flaws like a chip in the cast iron or rust, but were able to exchange or return it.
  • Very heavy wok, despite it’s small size.


This Utopia Kitchen 12 Inch UK0044 wok is a costumer favorite. With hundreds of positive reviews online, this wok has been called a beautiful quality item by many! It is pre seasoned, but they do recommend seasoning before first use anyways. Most buyers find it very easy to clean and maintain, as long as you follow the instructions. The flat bottom makes it a super sturdy wok to work with, which is neat when cooking high temperature foods, like stir frys. The surface can be a bit rough, but keep in mind, this will smoothen over time as long as you keep up with the seasoning. All in all a very popular wok and a great choice if it’s quality you’re looking for.

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